Using real nappies is a great example of reuse. They help you reduce the waste you are creating and also you are reusing an item again and again so real nappies have no impact on the county`s waste treatment plants.

A Life Cycle Analysis study done in 2008 by the Environment Agency shows that real nappies can be 40 percent better for the environment than disposable nappies.

An average disposable nappy costs of 15p and there are approximately 6,000 nappy changes in a baby`s lifetime - that`s a lot of money spent on something to end up in the bin! The average family could save up to £500 for every child they have by using reusable nappies.

As an extra incentive for any Cumbrian parent taking up the real nappy option, the Cumbria Real Nappy Campaign offers £30 vouchers towards the cost of real nappies, which can be redeemed at most Cumbrian real nappy retailers. For more information visit

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