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Acetylene is a highly reactive, unstable gas that can suddenly decompose. This creates a significant risk of fire and/or explosion, which would quickly spread to other areas of the site. Acetylene has no household use, however should you as a householder need to dispose of acetylene please contact Renewi Cumbria on 0845 450 3990.

Aerosols cans
Empty uncrushed aluminium and steel aerosol cans can be recycled through can banks at some Cumbrian Recycle Points. Contact your district council using the link to the left to see whether you can do so at your local can bank. Please remember do not squash or pierce aerosols.

Aluminium cans
Aluminium can be recycled time and time again; this saves natural resources and energy. You can take your aluminium cans to the can bank at your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre or Recycle Point.

Aluminium foil
i.e. Food Trays, Milk Tops, NOT foil wrapped crisp packets.
Recycle clean foil by taking it to your Household Waste Recycling Centre or some Recycle Points. These can be recycled in either dedicated foil banks or sometimes in the can banks (please check individual can banks to see whether aluminium foil is accepted).


Small amounts of hard-bonded asbestos from residential property will be accepted at the following Household Waste Recycling Centres: Kendal, Barrow, Carlisle, Wigton, Flusco, Workington, Maryport and Frizington.

The maximum that will be accepted on any day is four sheets per visit, and up to 3 visits making a total of up to 12 sheets or bags in a short period of time (dimensions of sheets: to be no longer than 6ft due to skip size).

All asbestos must be double wrapped/bagged and sealed prior to arriving at the site to prevent any loose fibres from escaping. Residents bringing asbestos are advised to call the site ahead of their visit to confirm if the site can accept the load as storage capacity for asbestos at the recycling centre is restricted so please contact the site you intend to use before you go. The contact details are available on the individual recycling centre`s page.


If you need to deal with more than a few sheets of hard-bonded asbestos or any fibrous asbestos you should contact a specialist contractor. If you need advice about dealing with asbestos on your own residential property please contact your local district council.

Additionally: We do not advise that anyone should break up their asbestos and if the waste exceeds the limits of what can be accepted at the HWRC then please telephone the helpline 0300 003 1118


Small amounts of ash or cinders from an open fire can help to keep slugs and snails off your vegetable patch.

If you have a question about resources or recycling in Cumbria call our helpline on  0300 003 1118
or email us at  info@recycleforcumbria.org