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Telephone directories
Can be recycled using the paper banks at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre or Recycle Point Please check your local district council kerbside recycling scheme to see if they accept telephone directories

Items such as clothes, curtains and bed linen can be placed in clothing banks at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre or Recycle Point or taken to charity shops,see our Charity Shop Reuse Map.

Handkerchiefs can be used, washed and reused endlessly in place of tissues. Tissues should be composted or disposed of in the household bin.

By cutting up your old tights you can use them to attach your plants to stakes in the garden.

Tools for Self Reliance collect and refurbish hand tools (except gardening tools), for free shipment to under-developed countries. You can deliver the tools or they can be collected if necessary.

Towels are often unnecessarily disposed of in landfill when they can be taken to textile recycling banks and companies to either be used again or be recycled into industrial rags.

Toys & games
Local hospitals may be happy to receive toys and games in good condition. Most charity shops will also accept them, see our Charity Shop Reuse Map

Up to 4 tyres in any one visit. Only car/motorcycle or `personal use` quad-bike tyres are accepted. No agricultural tyres (tractor or `farm use` Quad-bike), no commercial vehicle tyres. Tyres to be placed in appropriate disposal area/receptacle or seek advice from site staff as to where this is.
For guidance please telephone the helpline 0300 003 1118

Over 38 million tyres are discarded in the UK each year and can sometimes occur as fly tipping on garage forecourts, industrial estates or car parks.
As garages are responsible for disposal and recycling of waste they create you should get your tyres changed at garages rather than replace your own. Look out for garages that send tyres for recycling, see local directory.

If you have a question about resources or recycling in Cumbria call our helpline on  0300 003 1118
or email us at  wastepermits@cumbria.gov.uk
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