At work


  • Stop junk faxes by registering with the fax preference service. This is a free service which enables corporate and residential fax lines to be registered to not receive unsolicited sales and marketing faxes.
  • Buy printers and photocopiers that can print double sided. If they do already make sure you use it. That`s your waste paper output halved straight away.
  • Use email instead of memo and don`t print them out unless you need too.
  • Make sure your distribution lists are regularly updated. This will avoid sending unnecessary copies.
  • A well organised and frequently updated notice board will often reduce the need to send out information.
  • Don`t buy individually packaged tea bags, etc.


  • Reuse envelopes for internal circulation and, if possible, with a sticker for external mail.
  • Use mugs and glasses instead of plastic cups.


  • Set up a recycling scheme for scrap paper. Make sure recycling bins are close to people`s desks, so it`s easier to recycle paper than throw it away.
  • Set up an aluminium can recycling scheme at the office, especially if you have a vending machine with canned drinks. It`s also a good way of raising money for charity.
  • Buy recycled office supplies and help support the recycle.
  • Get some composters for all of the lunchtime waste.
If you have a question about resources or recycling in Cumbria call our helpline on  0300 003 1118
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