Real Nappies

Around 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away in Britain every day. Every single child uses on average 5850 disposable nappies in their lifetime. That`s the same weight as two fully grown Cumbrian dairy cows!

Real nappies are different. They are made of cloth and can be used over and over again. They are kind to the environment and great for your pocket too. Best of all, they are all natural. So with no synthetic chemicals used they get the baby stamp of approval.

What`s so good about them?

Firstly, real nappies are much cheaper - over the time that your baby is in nappies you could save £500.

You have complete control over what your baby wears next to his/her skin. No chemicals, bleaches or absorbent granules, just a freshly washed, completely natural nappy.

They`re really easy to use. They come in lots of funky styles that fasten easily with poppers, Velcro or nifty little plastic grips so the nappy fits your baby snugly.

You`ll be doing your bit for the environment as you`ll no longer be contributing to Cumbria`s rapidly filling landfill sites.

They are no extra effort to clean. Just collect them up and put them in the washing machine. Easy!

And perhaps best of all, we`ll even pay to get you started through the Cumbria Real Nappy Campaign.

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