Raising awareness with your pupils

Linking your school`s waste reduction programme with what you teach in the classroom will help engage the whole school in your desire to become a greener place to learn. As well as involving your pupils with the practical side of waste reduction, e.g. collecting up recyclable materials after lessons, you can even introduce elements of waste education to your curriculum-based classroom sessions.

Waste prevention links into a wide range of curriculum subjects and areas. In particular Geography/Environmental Studies, Personal and Social Education, Maths (carrying out a waste audit), Science (studying the different materials for recycling), English (discussion of waste issues) and Expressive Arts (designing waste posters and craft with scrap).

It`s also a good idea to have pupil representatives on any green action work groups. This will not only ensure that the pupils feel involved but may even be a new and invaluable source of waste prevention ideas.

Rubbish Rebels

Why not try our own Waste Education resources - Rubbish Rebels is free and available to all primary KS2 schools in Cumbria - take a look at our Rubbish Rebels page for more information.

Quick wins

  • Look at lesson plans and see where waste prevention elements can be incorporated while linking with more practical resource-saving activity for the school.
  • Have a `We`re Waste Aware` noticeboard dedicated to informing everybody about your latest waste prevention activity.
  • Get a compost bin - this is a great means of disposing of excess biodegradable rubbish and presents a great learning opportunity for the pupils. Please contact Judith Bradshaw on 07768 724863 or judith.bradshaw@cumbria.gov.uk to see if your school qualifies for a FREE compost bin.
  • Our Master Composter Volunteers may be able to run a composting session for your school - get in touch with them by email MCcumbria@gardenorganic.org.uk or call the co-ordinators on either 07391 082073 or 07391 082074.
If you have a question about resources or recycling please call one of the following numbers
Cumberland Council: 0300 373 3730
Westmorland & Furness Council: 0300 373 3300
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