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Composting at home

Compost is a soil like material which is made when fruit, vegetable and plant waste is broken down by bacteria, fungi and mini beasts.

Well over half the content of your bin is biodegradable and could be made into valuable compost for your garden and house plants.

It`s good to compost because it reduces the amount of organic waste needing treatment.

It reduces the need for chemical fertilisers which can cause pollution and therefore helps to grow healthy fruit and vegetables.

Reduces the use of peat and therefore helps to preserve an important natural habitat.

Finished compost looks, feels and smells like soil and is jam packed with plant nutrients.

There are a whole host of different bins available to help you compost at home depending on how keen you are. For a standard compost bin please follow the link below.

Purchase a bargain compost bin

If you want to be able to compost ALL of your household organic waste, cooked and uncooked then maybe you would like a Food Waste Digester.

Purchase a subsidised food waste digester

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