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Recycle your cans at any Household Waste Recycling Centre or some Recycle Points. There is no need to sort the aluminium cans from the steel ones. It doesn`t matter whether it`s a drinks can, a food can or a pet food can.

Car air bags
Car air bags are explosive devices. These are trade waste items covered by the End of Life Vehicles Directive. Dismantling should only be done at a premises permitted under ELV (eg Scrap Yards)

Cardboard & card packaging
Card can be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre and some Recycle Points . Large cardboard sheets are useful in the garden as a weed suppressing mulch when covered with compost. Shredded cardboard also makes great animal bedding.

Carpets can be taken to Bousteads (Carlisle) and Flusco (Penrith). Try to ensure the grippers are removed.

Carrier bags
These can be recycled at some of the major supermarkets. The best thing though it to reuse them as often as possible and in as many different ways as possible.

Catalogues can be recycled in paper banks at all Household Waste Recycling Centres, some Recycling Point Sites and also through your kerbside collection schemes.

You can recycle your CDs through your local charity shop. For more information on this visit the Age UK website.

Can be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. Please take care when disposing of ceramics. Gloves are advisable.

Cesspits and septic tanks
There are a number of companies offering services related to septic tanks and cesspits in the county. Please see the telephone directory for details.

Charity shops
Most charity shops will accept books, clothes, bric a brac, records, shoes, tapes and toys. A few will take other items. For a full list of charity shops in Cumbria consult the Yellow Pages

Chemicals - Household
For advice on disposing household chemicals please contact the helpline 0300 003 1118
If the container contents are unknown or marked with any of the following list then contact the helpline: Dangerous when wet, spontaneously combustible, organic peroxide, readily combustible or oxidising agents

Christmas cards
Recycle your Christmas cards in the card bank at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre or some Recycle Points or give them to the Woodland Trust at Tesco and WHSmith. You could even keep them for next year and make gift tags out of them.

Christmas wrapping paper
Recycle your wrapping paper at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre in the paper bank.

Christmas trees
Take your Christmas tree to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre for recycling. Your Christmas tree can also be recycled via your kerbside green waste collection service if you have one available.

Civic amenity sites
This is the old term for Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) and are open to all residents of Cumbria. These are managed by Cumbria County Council. There are lots of recycling facilities at these centres and residents can also dispose of any household rubbish free of charge. Trade waste is not accepted at any HWRC.

Clinical waste
Clinical waste is mainly produced by hospitals, doctors` surgeries and veterinary practices, but also arises from residential homes, nursing homes and private households.
Examples of clinical waste include:

  • Human or animal tissue
  • Blood
  • Syringes

There are companies offering a service for commercial premises, please see the waste disposal services section of the Yellow Pages for more information.

Clothes in good condition should be taken to charity shops or taken to a jumble sale. Some Household Waste Recycling Centres and Recycling Points provide clothes banks where people can deposit their unwanted usable clothes, sheets etc. You can also recycle your old clothes through Age UK Check with your local charity shop if they will accept unwearable clothes / rags.

Commercial waste
Any property that is commercially rated must pay for the removal of their waste by a licensed waste carrier. You can either ask your local District or Borough Council or a private waste disposal/recycling company to collect it or take it to a private waste disposal/recycling facility yourself. Consult the Yellow Pages for details.

Foreign coins and out of date British currency can be taken to your local charity shop. Many banks will collect them too - ask your local branch for details.

Composting is an excellent way to recycle garden and kitchen waste. You can make your own compost to make your garden flourish.

Compost bins
Home compost bin is an easy, low-cost way to dispose of organic waste. You can buy a compost bin at a discounted price through Recycle for Cumbria by telephoning 0844 571 4444
Compost bins can also be purchased from garden centres and DIY stores at standard prices.

Why not ask your local school if they would like a computer donated to them. Alternatively you could try www.donateapc.org.uk Be sure to clear your hard drive, etc. before donating your PC.
If your computer is past the donation stage then they can be taken to most Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Dismantled conservatories are NOT accepted at Household Waste Recycling CentresFor guidance please telephone the helpline 0300 003 1118


If the cooker is still working, contact Barrow Domestic Appliances for Barrow & South Lakes area, to look at donating it for reuse.

Can be taken to most Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Crisp packets
These can not be recycled as they are made from a combination of metal and plastic.

These can be recycled at Impact Housing, Centre 47, Nelson Street, Carlisle. Telephone 01228 633600

If you have a question about resources or recycling in Cumbria call our helpline on  0300 003 1118
or email us at  info@recycleforcumbria.org